Watts Happening Winter 2023

We're less than 100 days from the election, and soon, Kiwis will go to the ballot box and choose the next government. The choice is clear: A coalition of chaos under Labour or a strong National government led by Chris Luxon.

Labour, the Greens and Te Pati Maori would rather tax hardworking Kiwis than reign in their wasteful spending or put forward a plan to strengthen our economy and restore law and order.

Only a National government will restore law and order to keep our communities safe. Only National has the economic plan to get our country back on track and safeguard the public services we rely on.

I'll be working hard every day to change the government and earn your support to continue to serve as your local MP.


Chris Luxon on the North Shore


It was great to welcome Chris Luxon to the North Shore, and it was standing room only with people coming from all over the Shore to hear about National's plan to get New Zealand Back on Track. Top of mind was the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the increase in crime our community has been experiencing.

What the North Shore needs more than ever is a government that will deliver in these areas. We should never accept the status quo of families gathering around the table as they refix their mortgages, wondering how they'll put food on the table or petrol in the car. Sadly, that's been the reality for many. With inflation still running hot and interest rates rising, we're now the only country in the Asia-Pacific region in a recession.

Unlike Labour, we have the plan to get our economy growing again. We'll bring back discipline to government spending, refocus the reserve bank on inflation, unblock bottlenecks and have a relentless focus on outcomes, not spin.

It's clear there's a real appetite for a change of government on the Shore, and Chris Luxon and National will deliver it.


Real consequences for crime


I don't need to tell you that crime is out of control. It's clear as more businesses on the Shore get ram-raided and gang and criminal presence increases across the community.

Shockingly, the only target Labour has in justice is to reduce the prison population, and they have done just that; unfortunately, this hasn't been because of a reduction in crime because violent and retail crime are both up under this government. Labour has been through five Police Ministers, and each has failed to curb the crime in our communities.

To reduce crime, we need to get serious about crime, and National is unashamed to say we'll be tough on crime and put victims at the heart of our criminal justice policy. Here are just a few ways National will restore law and order and put real consequences in place.

1). Stronger sentences for convicted criminals

National will introduce stronger sentences for convicted criminals by limiting the ability of judges to reduce sentences, making gang membership an aggravating factor, restoring Three Strikes and ending taxpayer funding for cultural reports.

2). More support for victims

National will provide more support for victims through increased funding for grants to support access to counselling, mental health services, or help with transport costs when attending court hearings.

3). Proper rehabilitation for remand prisoners

National will extend eligibility for offence-based rehabilitation programmes to remand prisoners who are currently unable to access them.


Getting the North Shore moving


People are rightly frustrated at the lack of action for delivering critical infrastructure, fixing our roads and the lack of a plan to unlock productivity and reduce travel times. The solutions from the Government are blanket speed reductions, and the ones for Auckland Transport are more road cones. Both of these won't get us moving, and they won't help us be more productive.

National will end the blanket speed reductions proposed by Labour. In some areas, lower speed limits make sense, but blanket reductions won't improve safety and will only make it harder and take longer to get to work in the morning or drop the kids off at school. We'll put the money for that program and money from other failed transport policies back into fixing our ailing road network.

In 2022, over 54,000 potholes needed repair on state highways around New Zealand, the highest number in ten years. In Auckland alone, there is a backlog of 1,000 kilometres of needed road repairs, with Auckland Transport estimating it will take up to 10 years to clear. National will establish a pothole repair fund worth $500m, issue a directive to NZTA to double the current rate of roading renewal and halve the standard response rate for pothole repair from 48 to 24 hours.

That investment will make a real difference in productivity and quality of life in Auckland and across the country.


Support for flood damage

This week marks six months since the devastating Auckland Anniversary Weekend floods. Recently, I hosted a Public Meeting with National's Cyclone Recovery Spokesperson Chris Penk, who's also managing the recovery from the Auckland floods. I'll never forget how our community came together to look after each other. I was proud to work alongside those delivering much-needed food and supplies and clearing the devastation. While it's been almost six months, the recovery is just beginning for many on the Shore, and there's still a high level of uncertainty from the government response and many issues with insurance and getting repairs sorted.

National's dedicated recovery team are here to help, and they can provide assistance with accessing support and working on insurance-related issues. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to them.


Here is the link to their Facebook: Flood and Cyclone Response Team | Facebook

Or you can email them directly at: [email protected]


Delivering for the community


It's hard to believe it's been almost three years since I was elected to be your local MP. Through thick and thin, our community always pulls together to help each other out, and it's been an honour to serve as the MP for North Shore.

Over these last three years, my office and I have been able to help hundreds of people across the Shore, doing anything from assisting in immigration cases to helping people access the support that's available when times are tough and everything in between. Being able to help our community is the best part of this job.

This election, I'm putting my name forward to continue as your local MP, and I'm focused on what the North Shore needs to thrive: better infrastructure, cleaner beaches and a real plan to reduce crime and get the economy growing again.

Thank you for your continued support; it makes all the difference, and I couldn't do it without you.


We are here to help


You can email me and my North Shore office team, on [email protected]
You can also call Miriam to book an appointment on 09 486 0005.