About Simon

My colleagues will tell you I have little appetite for bureaucracy or excuses. That’s why I’m campaigning to clean up the North Shore’s beaches now, not in a couple of years. It’s also why a second harbour crossing and more ferry services are a major focus for me; those traffic-clogged roads are a nightmare for commuters and the environment.

Sure we’re a small country, but if we pull together and are willing to change the stuff that isn’t working we can achieve great things.

When I look at the challenges facing our health system I view them through my experiences as an ambulance officer, as the Deputy CFO for one of the country's largest DHBs and as a Type 1 diabetic since childhood. This broad perspective has revealed a system that's blessed with passionate professionals yet plagued by broken decision making.

It's time to fix that by bringing all the elements of a successful society together. Health and education can't be siloed out from our country's economic performance, our strategy for affordable housing, or the importance of providing a sense of self-worth for our citizens.

It's all linked, and these challenges need action to sort not just the symptoms, but the root causes.

As someone who grew up in a supportive rural family I know I was lucky, but I’m also very aware that too many children don't have those advantages. Which is why I’m determined to aply my experience in banking and finance to the economic challenges facing us as we build a post-COVID future worthy of the team of Five Million. We have to use the opportunity we’ve gained as a springboard for dynamic growth.

An economic rebound that leaves the most disadvantaged behind and locks young people out of homeownership is a mirage. It might look good in the business pages, but if it fails in our homes and communities, it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

The right leadership is going to be critical for our country’s future, and we have no time to waste.