Watts Happening Spring 2023

The dust has begun to settle after last month's historic election, and I'm pleased to say change is coming to New Zealand, and National will lead the next Government.

Three years ago, I was elected as your MP for North Shore among only five new National MPs, including Prime Minister-Elect Chris Luxon, and now we're ready to form a new government that will get New Zealand back on track. That turnaround wouldn't have been possible without your support. 

Thank you for all your hard work and for backing me over the last three years. I am honoured to have been re-elected as North Shore's Member of Parliament, receiving over 24,000 candidate votes with a majority of 16,330 - a 12,596 increase from 2020.

Over the last three years, I've been focusing on the areas most important to our community, like housing, lowering the cost of living and delivering action on Climate Change. The work I'm most proud of is in our community, and in the last term, my electorate office on the Shore has helped over 1,000 constituents, and I'll keep working hard for the Shore. 

Thank you for your support.

The First 100 Days


After six years of a Labour government, the challenges facing the next National Government are enormous, but we have a plan to get back on track and the team to deliver it. The first 100 days after the Government has been formed will be critical, and we won't rest until we've delivered on the promises we made to you because we know you're sick of a government that doesn't deliver. 

We will get started on an ambitious Parliamentary agenda by introducing legislation to:

  • Remove the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax, which adds 11.5 cents per litre of petrol.
  • Extend free breast cancer screening for women aged up to 74.
  • Repeal Labour's Three Waters legislation.
  • Repeal Labour's RMA 2.0 laws.
  • Ban gang patches, stop gang members from gathering in public, and stop known gang offenders from communicating with one another.
  • Give police greater powers to search gang members for firearms and make gang membership an aggravating factor at sentencing.
  • Extend the eligibility for remand prisoners to access rehabilitation programmes.
  • Crack down on serious youth offending.

In our first 100 days, we'll be laser focused on the cost of living, cancel Labour's planned fuel tax hikes, repeal the Ute Tax, stop work on the Jobs Tax, instruct public sector Chief Executives to start identifying back-office savings and report their spending on consultants, ban cellphones in schools, require primary and intermediate schools to prepare to teach an hour a day each of reading, writing and maths, stop Labour's blanket speed limit reductions, stop work on the Lake Onslow scheme, introduce a fast-track consenting regime and establish a Priority One category on the social housing waitlist to more quickly move families out of emergency housing and into permanent homes.

There is a lot to do, and this is just the start, but Kiwis can't wait any longer for a government that will take action. 


Protecting the Bayswater Clubhouse


Since I heard about the state of disrepair of the Takapuna Boating Club Bayswater Clubhouse, I've been working closely with Auckland Council, our Local Board and the Boating Club to fix the legislation that prevents it from being repaired.

The Boating Club haven't been able to invest to fix it, all because of a law written in the 1920s. I'm happy to say a Bill to fix this has been drafted to be debated in the new Parliament and is close to being ready. This new Bill will enable redevelopment and renovation for the community. 

The Bayswater Clubhouse is a real piece of North Shore heritage. While it's sadly fallen into disrepair, it has the potential to be renewed and revitalised into an asset the community can keep using into the future. Passing a law to fix this problem is something only Parliament can do, and I was happy to lend a hand in getting it ready as the local MP. I'll update you on its progress through Parliament and how you can be involved in that process.


Visiting North Shore Budget Service with Chris Luxon

The cost of living is front of mind for many families on the North Shore, none more so than those using budgeting services. I invited Chris Luxon to visit North Shore Budget Service with me during the campaign to see first-hand what families are going through on the North Shore.

Those running budgeting services and delivering support to those in need like North Shore Budget Services Manager Drew Glucina, do a real service to our community, and sadly, their services are needed more than ever. For so many, just putting gas in the car and food on the table has become a real struggle, and the incoming National Government will work quickly to get the cost of living under control again.

I will always ensure the Government remembers the North Shore, and I know that our incoming PM, Chris Luxon, understands our issues, has seen them first hand and is the man to deliver solutions.


We are here to help

You can email me and my North Shore office team, on [email protected]
You can also call Miriam to book an appointment on 09 486 0005.