Watts Happening March 2022

National has been hitting the ground running in 2022, and with a growing cost of living crisis and omicron surge, fresh new ideas have never been more critical. The team and I are working hard in Wellington for the North Shore to get this country back on track. National is now the largest party again, according to Roy Morgan and 1 News Kantar polling, and I'll be working hard every day to get National back in the Beehive in 2023.

The most important thing for me is the North Shore, and when I see our small businesses crushed by government regulation and families struggling with the rising cost of living, I can't sit by.

Data shows median rents nationwide are up $50 from last year - the highest yearly increase on record, and inflation is at 5.9% - the highest in over 30 years. This year the government will add an additional $6 billion in new spending, the largest single increase in history. We need change.

I encourage you to listen to the State of the Nation speech from Chris Luxon, if you haven't already. Chris is exactly the Prime Minister we need, and the contrast between us and the government couldn't be clearer.

I couldn't do any of the work I do without your support. Together, we can make a real difference.




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Tackling the cost of living crisis 


When I'm out and about in our community talking to people and businesses, I always hear that the cost of living and doing business is becoming a real struggle. New Zealand is struggling with a cost of living crisis. North Shore businesses and families see the prices of food, petrol, rent, and other necessities increase while paying more and more in tax. It's ridiculous that at a time where the cost of petrol is increasing day by day, Aucklanders are still paying a fuel tax that's done nothing but sit in a government bank account.

The first and most important thing to do is stop Labour's tax grab, and National will reverse Labour's new taxes. The next is to start to give relief to struggling families. The reality of record inflation is that you're paying far more now in tax than you were in 2017 when National was last in office despite the brackets staying the same. National would index tax brackets so inflation doesn't mean you get taxed more every year.

Under our plan, a family with two adults on the average wage would benefit by over $1,700 a year. The couple rate for NZ Super would go up by $546 per year on top of the scheduled increase this April. Even after accounting for the $1.7 billion costs of these tax cuts, the remaining $4.3 billion in the 2022 budget would still be the biggest allowance for new spending initiatives ever.

National is leading the discussion on the cost of living, and according to new polling, we're considered the most capable of managing the issues of the cost of living, housing and fuel. We're also leading on Law and Order, and transport and infrastructure, two issues that are critically important here on the Shore.

Our families and businesses need support now, not more taxes.


Keeping the pressure up on local issues

As another annual report for Auckland Council gets released, I'm keeping the pressure on local government to make critical investments in the North Shore. Compared to what we pay in rates, the Shore is often forgotten by the council, vital services are cut, and others are delayed. That's not good enough.

The surplus after income tax for Auckland Council was $1.9 billion, an increase of 21 per cent from the comparative period in the year before, and capital investment in infrastructure and community assets totalled $917 million. This was 24 per cent less than the year before. We're paying more in rates and getting less in services. Improvements to the congested and dangerous Lake Road have been delayed and won't start till 2023 at the earliest, and the Stanley Bay ferry remains closed.

I've written to Auckland Council requesting an update on these two core priorities for the North Shore, arguments that funding is an issue don't hold any water while they post huge surpluses and continue to cut services. 

I'm also keeping up to date with the concerns of our community over the heritage protections in places like Devonport. We supported changes to the Resource Management Act to help boost the supply of homes by reducing the consenting red tape that can stop new housing being built in high-demand areas.

The new law retains discretion for councils and allows them to exclude some areas from intense housing development. 

This means that Auckland Council has options to protect the special character of our communities and to make sure housing is built. They are now undertaking heritage zoning classification, and I will be engaging actively with them as they make these assessments.


Keeping things lighthearted


It was great to go on 7 Days for their "Yes Minister" segment in between my work in Wellington and on the North Shore. I was asked to step in for Chris Luxon, who was isolating with Covid at the time. 

I think I held up OK, you can check it out here.


Increasing crime on the Shore

The recent increase in crime within our communities, especially gang related violence is incredibly troubling. Families and businesses shouldn't have to live in fear in their own communities, and we have to do all we can to keep the North Shore safe. 

We have seen several recent cases of antisocial behavior and home invasions. I regularly speak to shop owners who have been the victims of violent robberies, and families concerned about the safety of our community. This isn't good enough. 

I meet regularly with our area commanders about the work they're undertaking in this area, and keep up to date with their new initiatives.  

During a public meeting I held about crime and keeping our communities safe on the North Shore with National's Police Spokesperson Simeon Brown, we came up with key actions we saw as the best ways to help.
𝟭. More police presence and resources.
𝟮. Community social groups and police collaboration.
𝟯. Public education on crime reporting.
𝟰. Faster call answering on 105.
I'd like to give a special thanks to our dedicated police officers who put themselves in harms ways to keep our community safe. These are real heroes who represent the very best of our country and their hard work doesn't go unnoticed, thank you all. 


Auckland gives a resounding no to Three Waters

The Minister for Local Government has admitted she "underestimated" several elements of her Three Waters reform, but continues to push ahead with her unpopular and broken agenda. Government has announced the changes recommended by their governance working group. While the changes are surface level, they show the concerns raised by National about the governance structure were well-founded. Councils and ratepayers see through them. Even former Labour leader and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff rejected these reforms in a scathing minority report, which shows even the Government's working group can't get behind their reforms.

Under Labour's reforms, Auckland would have 28 per cent of the voice and 93 per cent of the assets in the water service entity. The Minister even admitted in the House when I questioned her that the Auckland Council is in a completely different situation to other councils when it comes to water management, which makes her push for a one-size-fits-all solution even less tenable.

It's time to rethink her Three Waters model and consider alternative governance and financing proposals backed by local communities. Labour's reforms won't work for Auckland, and they won't work for New Zealand.

Check out my recent comments on what the government is getting wrong and National would do differently


SuperBlues with Chris Penk

FRIDAY, 1 APRIL 2022 AT 10:00am

Milford Bowling Club
The North Shore SuperBlues invites you to join us for morning tea hosted by Simon Watts, MP for North Shore. April's guest speaker is Chris Penk.
The RSVP link will be available soon. Chris is the Chief Whip of the National Party, our spokesperson for Courts, associate spokesperson for Justice and the Shadow Attorney General.
Entry is $5 each (includes morning tea), with cash payments on the day.
Raffle is $5 per ticket, with cash payments on the day.

SuperBlues with Melissa Lee
FRIDAY, 6 MAY 2022 AT 10:00am
Milford Bowling Club
The North Shore SuperBlues invites you to join us for morning tea hosted by Simon Watts, MP for North Shore. May's guest speaker is Melissa Lee, National's spokesperson for Broadcasting and Media, Digital Economy and Communications and Ethnic Communities.
Entry is $5 each (includes morning tea), with cash payments on the day.
Raffle is $5 per ticket, with cash payments on the day.

SuperBlues with Erica Stanford

FRIDAY, 3 JUNE 2022 AT 10:00am

Milford Bowling Club

The North Shore SuperBlues invites you to join us for morning tea hosted by Simon Watts, MP for North Shore. June's guest speaker is Erica Stanford, National's spokesperson for Education, Immigration and associate spokesperson for Ethnic Communities.
Entry is $5 each (includes morning tea), with cash payments on the day.
Raffle is $5 per ticket, with cash payments on the day.


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