Watts Happening December 2021

National is back. We've turned the page on the last four years and are pushing forward under the leadership of Christopher Luxon with Nicola Willis as our deputy leader.

I'm excited for what the future holds, and I've never been more sure that come 2023, we'll be taking back the Beehive and getting this country back on track with strong National Party Leadership.

Christopher brings real-world experience, something this Labour government is sorely lacking. Our team is refreshed and ready to tackle the big issues. We have an education system that is failing to equip our young people, a health system falling apart and a Covid response that has failed the people of Auckland and New Zealand.

This has been a rollercoaster of a year for the North Shore, with extended lockdowns and continuing uncertainty. My office and I are here if you need support. My office will re-open on Monday 17 January.


Merry Christmas.


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- Simon

New responsibilities 

I'm pleased to have been appointed National's Spokesperson for Local Government and Associate Spokesperson for Finance and Infrastructure. I've enjoyed working in our Health caucus alongside Dr Shane Reti, particularly fighting for our nurses and vulnerable people who have increasingly suffered under this Government. Still, I'm looking forward to my new portfolios.

Previously held by Christopher Luxon, Local Government is a vast area with particular importance to the North Shore. This Government's reforms, particularly in Three Waters, will leave us all worse off, and I'll be holding them to account, so the people of the North Shore and New Zealand get the very best. I'll be engaging with Local Government stakeholders all over the country and working with them for solutions to the problems the sector faces.

Coming from a finance and international banking background, stepping into the Finance and Infrastructure portfolios is something I'm especially looking forward to getting stuck in on. The Government has extraordinary power over the economy and people's lives. We're learning what happens when people with no real-world experience take the helm as this Government has.

I'll keep the Government to account working with our new Finance and Infrastructure Spokesperson Simon Bridges, and bring new and constructive solutions to get our economy growing and delivering for New Zealanders.

Three Waters, no solutions

As Local Government Spokesperson for the National Party, I'll be leading the fight against Labour's state-sponsored asset-grab Three Waters policy. Since I started out running to be your MP over a year ago, clean beaches and solutions to our ongoing water problems have been a key pillar of my priorities. It's clear to me, and everyone else but Labour, that their Three Waters vision won't solve those problems and will strip assets from ratepayers.

For me, that's not good enough, and there's no way to cut it; ratepayers and local voices lose under this model and will replaced by a complex smorgasbord of unelected appointees and decision-makers.

It was great to have some of the many local Mayors and Councillors opposed to these reforms down to Wellington to speak to us about their concerns and what solutions we can work to develop together to solve the problems facing their districts. National listens to Local Government, and work on water infrastructure problems will be partnered with them, not against them. 

The next National Government will repeal the Three Waters asset grab and return seized assets to Council control.


Rising cost of living


Kiwis are going backwards under this government for all their spin and grandstanding. This year our inflation rate hit 4.9 per cent and is set to keep climbing. In real terms, the same dollar last year got you much further than it does today. This is combined with real wages falling and means that for many New Zealanders, the increases in cost for the basics are growing faster than their wages are.

When I hear those numbers, I think about the most vulnerable in our community, who are worse off because of this government. I think about our small business owners who have been hit hard by Covid and struggling in an economy that is harder and harder to survive in as each day passes.

These are the actual costs of this Labour government. When the economy grows, wages grow, and inflation is low, which means every New Zealander is better off. This government must stop their wasteful inflationary spending and get the economy back on track.
New Zealanders prospered under the last National government when our economy grew. 


A victory for water quality


News that the permanent 'no swim' notice has been lifted from the Wairau Estuary outlet represents a massive step in fighting safer swimming on the Shore. I'd particularly like to acknowledge Milford WEEPS for their advocacy. Getting action, particularly from Local Government, can be an uphill battle at the best of times, but it's only by keeping the pressure in the community that we can see results.

My view on this is simple, we shouldn't need an app to know if it's safe to go for a swim, that's not how it was when I was growing up, and it shouldn't be that way now. The work done, particularly over the last year on repairs and fixes to the pollution contaminating the Wairau Estuary, shows that we can make progress.

Our beaches and water are some of the best in the world, and I hope you and your loved ones have the opportunity to enjoy them this summer break.



We have a packed SuperBlues schedule for next year, below are the provisional dates for 2022. Each will be held from 10:00am - 11:30am at the Milford Bowling Club. Keep an eye out for more details. I'm looking forward to bringing some of my colleagues from all over the country to talk about the important issues. 

4th March

1st April

6th May

3rd June

1st July

5th August

2nd September

7th October

4th November


Thank you

I would like to thank you all for your support this year. In particular my electorate committee, financial supporters, special interest group, suppliers, my parliamentary electorate staff who have dealt with hundreds of constituent queries. I couldn't do it without you and I appreciate the support you give to me and our community.


Remember, my office is here to help! Contact us on 09 486 0005 or [email protected].