Goals Commitment

As the National Party candidate for North Shore I’m committed to these goals

Supporting the business community. Without jobs our families fail, without shops and cafés our highstreets lose their vibrancy, without a future our children stop believing

Stormwater upgrades. The council has a ‘Healthy Waters’ initiative – so why are our beaches still polluted? We won’t accept this any longer, this isn’t a local issue, it’s a national disgrace.

The second harbour crossing. The cost of not doing anything far outweighs the investment required to sort this out. Cut the red tape, find the money and get it started within five years.

Improved ferry services. Why is a transport opportunity like our harbour so underutilised? Is it apathy, vested interests or a lack of vision? Devonport, Stanley Bay and Bayswater need this solution now.

Lake Road. If Auckland City Council had its offices in Devonport this would have been sorted out years ago. It’s not rocket science: shift the cycle lane to a scenic route on the coast and get the traffic moving.

Northern Bus Way. It’s no use trying to get people out of their cars when a car is the only realistic method for getting to the bus stations. Provide more ways to get to the bus stations and until then more car parks.

A hospital that’s fit for the Shore. 
More beds and additional outpatient capacity are needed urgently. The Shore’s growing population has created demand that can no longer be ignored.

It's absolutely essential for the Shore and the country that you make your vote count.

Simon Watts, National Party candidate for North Shore