Watts Happening October 2021

We're now almost three months into lockdown, and despite the desperate calls for details on a plan or a way out, Labour continues to keep us all in the dark and drag their heels.

I know how tough this is for us here in Auckland, and I encourage everyone to reach out and offer support to those who are isolated. I'm proud to have worked alongside my colleagues in the National Party on our Covid plan to get out of this lockdown and back to life as we knew it. In particular, I've been working on how we can supercharge and safeguard our hospitals and health system, protect the community and our healthcare workers. 

The North Shore can proudly boast some of the highest vaccine rates in Auckland and New Zealand, and I'm so proud of the work in our community to get those numbers up. If you haven't got vaccinated yet, please do so. If you're concerned or have questions, talk to your local GP. The vaccine is safe and effective, and it's the best tool we have to fight the virus. 

My office is still physically unable to open, but my team and I are here to offer assistance where we can. If you need help, please don't hesitate to reach out, we will get through these difficult times together, and I will keep fighting as your local MP so we can get a plan for moving out of this lockdown. 


Email: [email protected]

Ph: 09 486 0005


- Simon

Checking in with our local businesses

The scale of the damage this lockdown has had on our local businesses has been devastating, and you don't have to look far to see empty properties where thriving businesses once stood. Over the last 12 weeks, my team and I have been catching up with businesses, and sadly the story is always the same; there isn't enough support, and without light at the end of the tunnel, they are desperately short on hope. 

I'm pushing the government to provide more support for our businesses. Quite simply, the support they've offered so far hasn't gone far enough. Most of all, we need a pathway to return to normalcy. These businesses simply want to get back to serving their customers. 

Please support our local businesses where you can, shop local, and encourage others to do the same. 


National's economic plan



Seeing the scale of the damage to our businesses and community, I couldn't just sit back, which is why I've been working hard on National's economic plan: Back in Business. This year, I picked up the Associate Revenue portfolio, and I've been hitting the ground running, developing a plan to get support to those who need it, where it can make a real difference. 

Under our plan, every New Zealander would pay less tax by lifting the lowest tax bracket. That means you can earn more before higher tax brackets kick in. Lifting the lowest bracket is particularly helpful for low and middle-income New Zealanders. They have been the biggest victims of this lockdown and the continually increasing cost of living under Labour. 

Our plan would also provide a lower tax rate for small businesses for the next two years. Letting small businesses keep more of what they earn is a common-sense way to support their recovery.

We need sensible policy that prevents the collapse of businesses starved of cash

If you haven't already, check out our economic plan here


Housing changes


Thank you to everyone for reaching out to share your thoughts on the planned changes to housing and development. National has been pushing the government for workable solutions to New Zealand’s growing housing problems. We're glad to see them taking action rather than doubling down on vanity projects like Kiwibuild.

I certainly understand some people have concerns with what shape this will take. I'm incredibly proud to be the MP for a diverse and vibrant community with a character that's the envy of the rest of the country. Heritage will be protected under these law changes, and it is important to note that nothing in the Bill forces people to build more density. These changes are simply about removing barriers that can get in the way of sensible development. Building standards and other regulations still apply.

The Select Committee process will create an opportunity to hear feedback from builders, developers, local authorities, homeowners and renters on making this Bill better. This is a technical piece of legislation, and it's essential we get it right. I want to encourage everyone to take part in this process.


You can submit here


Please don't hesitate to get in touch; I'm happy to answer any questions about these changes.


Back to Wellington

I'm back Wellington this week, negative Covid test in hand, to take the fight for workable solutions for our people and businesses to the Beehive. The Prime Minister doesn't seem interested in actually seeing what's happening on the ground in Auckland, but I have, and I'll be working hard to hold the government to account.


SuperBlues with Hon Simon Bridges

In case you missed it, please find below the link to our virtual North Shore SuperBlues event with Hon Simon Bridges as our special guest. Grab a cup of tea (and home-baking) and enjoy! 

Click Here


Remember, my office is here to help! Contact us on 09 486 0005 or [email protected].