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  • Make 2021 the year that we all remember

    March 01, 2021 Share

    The last lockdown blip derailed numerous plans, mine included. I was scheduled to deliver my maiden speech in Parliament on the Tuesday, and was delighted to see that friends and supporters from last year’s election were flying down to Wellington for the day – that didn’t happen.

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  • Your local voice in Wellington

    February 01, 2021 Share

    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that it's been a great summer to be in New Zealand. Even if you didn't get a chance to visit other parts of the country, there were still our amazing local beaches to escape to... as long as they weren’t polluted.

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  • It's down to the business of being your MP in Wellington

    December 01, 2020 Share

    As someone new to the Beehive, I can say that the predominant feeling I have is a sense of responsibility. During the election campaign, I emphasised the importance of local issues and that focus hasn’t changed. Even though the mechanics of national governance are gaining the headlines, it’s my job to make sure that what’s happening here on the North Shore receives attention too.

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  • Future generations are depending on us to make the right decisions

    October 01, 2020 Share

    It’s fair to say that the winter of 2020 has been a time like no other for the Watts household, with dad immersing himself in his first election campaign just as a pandemic pulls apart the fabric that binds our communities together. Lockdowns, job security, closed schools and an economy on its knees are issues that have played out at our breakfast table, just as they have in homes throughout the country.

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  • Without a robust and dependable health strategy there is no fixing the economy

    September 01, 2020 Share

    It’s not surprising that concerns about our health and wellbeing are two of the leading issues I hear about as I meet people around the Shore.

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  • No second chance for a second harbour crossing

    August 01, 2020 Share

    National Leader Judith Collins’ announcement that the second harbour crossing will be included in National’s infrastructure package will finally get this vital project out of the realms of fantasy and onto the agendas of government and business.

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  • The future can be bright - let's make it happen

    June 01, 2020 Share

    Looking back on the past six weeks, I’ve found that previous experiences have provided powerful guidance on how to respond to unprecedented challenges.

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  • Why leaving Lockdown is just beginning

    May 01, 2020 Share

    When I was chosen to follow on from Hon Maggie Barry after she retires in September, and campaign in the General Election, I had no idea that 2020 would claim a permanent place in my memory for anything other than a hopefully successful campaign.

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