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  • New Zealanders need confidence and hope

    July 29, 2022 Share

    Whether I’m out and about visiting councils around the country or talking to people in my local community, I’m hearing that the impacts of inflation and increasing living costs are squeezing middle New Zealand. The economic pain people are feeling as prices keep rising is real and it’s compounded by a sense that there’s no clear pathway beyond here.

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  • My experience as the North Shore Youth MP

    June 22, 2022 Share

    By Ivy Mitchell of Westlake Girls (17), the local Youth MP for the North Shore

    Having the opportunity to be the North Shore’s Youth MP for Simon Watts is an incredible honour and opportunity that doesn’t walk past every day. Being the local Youth MP, there has been an exciting plethora of doors that have opened to further immerse myself in politics, the community and more.

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  • Labour’s Budget shows it’s not up to the challenges we face

    June 05, 2022 Share

    An economist from the ANZ Bank has reinforced what we all know: “Inflation isn’t just a global problem that New Zealand is importing, it’s a domestic issue too.” This is a fact that’s also shared by Treasury. So, with Labour’s budget just released I want to highlight how the government is intending to address those domestic inflationary pressures.

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  • A vision for Auckland - some obvious quick wins

    May 09, 2022 Share

    A winning strategy for Auckland recognises that much can be achieved through purely local initiatives even if government needs to take the lead for some aspects.

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  • Ideology is as big a threat to living standards as inflation

    March 07, 2022 Share

    According to ASB senior economist Mark Smith, inflation will peak at close to 6.3% in early 2022. That’s a level that will be felt by every household on the North Shore. And remember, that increasing cost of living is building on top of the price rises consumers had to endure throughout last year – petrol prices went up 10% in just the last quarter of 2021.

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  • An incredible summer to kick-off a vitally important new year

    February 01, 2022 Share

    The weather has been spectacular and that’s just the tonic long-suffering Aucklanders have needed. Escaping the pandemic’s grip for a beach up north, a Hawke’s Bay vineyard or a South Island cycle trail has brought welcome variety to lifestyles that have been severely cramped.

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  • Because local voices deserve to be heard

    December 01, 2021 Share

    As a local MP, I believe a core responsibility of mine is amplifying the voices of North Shore residents.

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  • Twelve eventful months

    November 01, 2021 Share

    The last two years have been significant and possibly transformative for this country. As a first-time MP I’ve seen how the impact of a global pandemic has played out in the lives of my constituents and the actions of our country’s leaders.

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  • Decisive action needed to save the Kiwi dream

    October 01, 2021 Share

    I want to start this article with a few words from the maiden speech I gave in Parliament, back in March:

    “New Zealand needs leadership that enrols all of our energies to tackle the tasks facing us. Challenging times demand more than ever that we work together in the interests of all New Zealanders.”

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  • Stuck in a Covid replay

    September 01, 2021 Share

    There’s no doubt that New Zealand’s success in dodging the worst effects of the pandemic during 2020 felt pretty good. While other nations went into horrendous tailspins, we pulled up the drawbridge and retreated into a safer world.

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